Welcome to Restricted CERT Resources

CERT provides access to the restricted resources to approved researchers and collaborators. Access to these resources requires authentication using a valid digital certificate from an authorized external certification authority. These restricted resources include

Vulnerability Card Catalog - A restricted-access catalog containing descriptive and referential information about thousands of security vulnerabilities reported to the CERT Coordination Center. The information contained in Vulnerability Cards helps users mitigate the impact of threats to their computing environments by providing timely guidance about the secure configuration of common operating platforms. Because access to this resource is restricted, Vulnerability Cards may precede public disclosure.

Special Communications Database - A restricted-access database containing important information about vulnerabilities, intruder activity, and other security problems. By having access to the Special Communications Database, users receive email notification when a new advisory has been released to ensure prompt access to information regarding imminent and prevailing high-impact threats. The information delivered via the Special Communications Database is designed to provide critical information during large-scale Internet security incidents.

Malicious Code Portal - A restricted-access portal containing an extensive collection of malware analysis and tools. Examples of the resources available include comprehensive reverse engineering reports, file categorization and clustering techniques, malware family reports, and exploitation capabilities. In addition, this resource contains monthly Intel Disks and quarterly Malicious Code Intel reports that contain the following: additional analysis information related to the malware collection; cryptographic hashes and identity tags; packing tools and techniques; tactics, techniques and procedures; and various YARA signatures. The files and associated analysis can provide leverage when analyzing your own data sets in support of your mission.

If you experience difficulties during the application process, need assistance submitting an application, or have questions about the restricted CERT resources, please contact us:

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